Company Profile

Located in Shanghai Bay Valley Science and Technology Park, Shanghai Hengxin BioTechnology Limited (Hengxin Bio) was founded in 2010. It is a high-tech company focusing on the development of digital microfluidics related chips, instruments, and applications. In the 1200 square meters office space, the company has built a class 10000 cleanroom and class 2 BioSafety labs.  But most of all, over the years, the company has built a team of first-class scientists and engineers tirelessly carrying out technology and product development.
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Core Technology

Based on electrostatic effects, digital microfluidics (DMF) can perform a set of droplet manipulations – generating, transporting, splitting, merging and mixing, incubation, detection, and storage, which is a complete set of processes of liquid handling in bioanalyses. In addition to the advantages associated of channel-based microfluidics such as miniaturization, automation and integration, DMF introduces new benefits like universal device/instrument design, digitization, and parallelism, etc. This, in turn, renders better data quality and repeatability. With reaction volume ranging a few picoliters to tens of microliters, DMF technology offers unprecedented flexibility to bio-analyses, and particularly, to in-vitro diagnostics.

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